How to construct a storyboard?

Storyboard Report

WEEK 6: Second week of Research on proposed topic. Collect visuals and images for still frames on presentation. Gather final sources for my presentation’s narration (10 minute dialogue)’. Compile a “storyboard” for the presentation format and dialogue which will be used in video. This will be my first approach to storyboard writing. During the process it will allow me to  improve my skills in writing and in doing so would hopefully assist in my confidence in strong verbal communication (dialogue). As part of my research I hope gather information on guidelines that will assist me in making an effective and video presentation in a campaign like manner..

The first half of the research process proved to be quite an easy task to undertake, as it only required the gathering of visuals, images and still frames on the Syrian Crisis. I managed to pair the information from my the reports on Syria, to the visual that were added in the source. In terms of statistics the plethora of diagrams and tables that illustrated the Zaatari refugee figures allowed easy access to information that would be used in my video. The only issue I have with the extensive research I managed to gather is editing the resources so that it will allow me to compose a video within the time frame (8-10 minutes). Having gathered my initial research for the project, I’m now into the next half of the process for week 6, which is the construction of a storyboard. The purpose of the storyboard in question is to act as a”‘visual organizer, typically a series of illustrations displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a video’ . I found it difficult to construct the story board, only because it felt as if i was repeating the narrative process, only to come up with a visual example of my project. The first step into my story board was trying to find a media that could form a story board. I decided to use the Paper Artist Application from my Samsung tablet which allows for dynamic illustrations on my project. i actually used this application on an iCommunicate project last year, this allowed me to present my video project to the class, during the 4 week formative assessment. The process was quite easy to undertake but felt repetitive in that the narrative or dialogue itself was quite detailed, it questioned the need for me to have a brief visual overview of my video.


Storyboard Design Guidelines

–Make sure that the media used supports the learning objectives
–Cognitive load theory
•For interactive media, try to minimize text and images occurring at the same time
–Make sure that quizzes and testing are aligned with learning objectives
•Ensure that they will provide valid evidence of understanding

Tools to Create Storyboards

•Microsoft Word
–Widely available and understood software
–Not easy to rearrange content
–The most popular
•Widely known and understood
•Widely available

The process of gathering information for the story board was easy to undertake. Only because the topic in question was quite narrow. The only problem I have is trying to determine how the narrative of my video would follow with the visualization of the story board.


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