Final Reflection Journal

The final reflection Journal

I found this entire process of researching and covering events on the Syrian crisis to be quite rewarding. I say this because the topic was actually actually covered in another paper I did for this semester in Borders, Boundaries and Globalization. The different migration processes I reported on included population movements from civil conflict and Syria was a recent case study I decided to base my presentation on. Part of my presentation also included research based on different migration streams and again I decided to present on Syrian refugees. I also found this topic was close to heart with the work I’ve been doing as a Volunteer Support Worker at Red Cross. The refugee families whom I have been supporting that come from Syria gave me the passion and drive to do a campaign video on the Syrian refugee crisis. Having said that what I quite like about my project was that it allowed for me to build on many skills that I was lacking in. I improved my skills on research and gathering academic resources for my project, I also improved my presentation skills and narration which I learnt throughout this paper. I found it quite nerve wrecking to present my video only because of the audio which consisted of my voice, although I built my confidence throughout my project the sound of my voice was one major aspect I did not like to publicize.  A solution to break up my voice over’s was to add segments that required an actual interview from the refugees gathered from news agencies. One other aspect I felt I was lacking in was my ability to navigate through the e-portfolio process which required reflections on the work done for my video, I found it fairly easier to construct my video on Windows Movie Maker and the post the final video onto YouTube and add a link onto WordPress. It didn’t occur to me earlier on that I could have posted bits of the video which would have helped demonstrate progress on my project.

I definitely felt as if the majority of my time was spent on trying to technically construct an actual campaign video which spans 9 minutes. Looking through the videos posted from my peers during the semester I felt as if I had made this project harder on myself. If anything the challenge was more technical, and throughout the final weeks I felt as if more attention had been solely based on the construction of the video, as my concern over presenting a campaign video that followed all elements of my research and storyboard that was presented in earlier posts. Looking back if I were to evaluate the technical process I think the solution lied in the amount of work I projected myself to complete every week. What should have been done in the beginning,was a realistic measurement of the work I expected to cover, so perhaps I should have posted small parts of a dialogue script with a small part of video that was completed for every week. I found posting up a huge portion of work that hadn’t been completed to be quite demanding, as I was slowly getting the hang of doing my work outside WordPress, the posting my post’s on things I had completed for the week into my portfolio. I also would have shifted my focus from my research to the technical side of things as it was here that the majority of my work was based on.If anything next time I’ll change to time frame of events on my weekly progress for this campaign video. The second adjustment I would have done was cut down on the length of time for my campaign video, so rather then post one 9 minute video, I could have done a three part series covering the Syrian Conflict, Zaatari Refugee Camp and International response on Syrian Refugees. That would have made my project so much easier to tackle.

Coming away from this project I feel as if I improved greatly on technical aspects that involved the construction of a video, an area which I improved greatly on since my iCommunication project which also involved technical skills on making a video as well. The only difference I felt there was between the 2 projects was that this was approached and completed independently. One aspect I definitely felt I missed on was the collaboration with other students, as the approach I took on with my video campaign was an independent effort and it felt as if the majority of my work was done away from this platform (WordPress). The only success I felt I had accomplish in this paper was improving the skills I had set myself on achieving from the beginning which involved academic research, constructing a storyboard, constructing  a video with the research I had gathered and posting a video onto YouTube. I think the tasks I originally set out to achieve in the beginning were quite mammoth in size and was really overwhelming. However I managed to complete a considerable amount of work which I feel is quite an achievement, especially given the lack of competencies I had with the skills needed to construct a 9 minute campaign video with my voice over.

During my application for an internship at a non-governmental organisation, I came across the requirements that were needed for candidates interested in campaign advocacy. One of the requirements involved knowledge on WordPress, experience using video editing software, strong research and writing skills,  and strong verbal communication –

What I hope to include in my application, for the next intake in October, is the work I have done this semester for my project on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. I realize now the extent of usefulness that my e-portfolio can have on possible future employment. I feel as if this is the best platform that presents my work and skills to future employees, although it presented a lot of stress I feel as if this i-paper (compared with iWrite & iCommunicate) has been the most rewarding. Having said that,  I continue to have a passion to work for agencies in the humanitarian field, as it is this area that I hope to build a career in the future.





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