Brief 2 Weekly Plan

WEEK 5: First week of Research on the Syrian Refugee Crisis and Zaatari Refugee Camp. Collect journal articles, statistics and media footage from the AUT Library Databases, UNHCR, Red Cross and Amnesty International archives. I would like to improve my skills in research so this week I intend to learn how to conduct research extensively in an academic manner. Reference and format all sources in APA 6th Edition.

WEEK 6: Second week of Research on proposed topic. Collect visuals and images for still frames on presentation. Gather final sources for my presentation’s narration (10 minute dialogue)’. Compile a “storyboard” for the presentation format and dialogue which will be used in video. This will be my first approach to storyboard writing. During the process it will allow me to  improve my skills in writing and in doing so would hopefully assist in my confidence in strong verbal communication (dialogue). As part of my research I hope gather information on guidelines that will assist me in making an effective and video presentation in a campaign like manner..

WEEK 7: Third and final week for research and storyboard formation. Construct a storyboard and dialogue which would last at least 10 minutes. Reference correctly all sources used, using APA 6th Edition. Develop the skill to think creatively with strong writing skills for a narration and learn how to write a story board that would captivate an audience. Start on the construction of the video presentation using YouTube.

WEEK 8: Construct a video on YouTube. This is my first time making a video on YouTube, so during this process I will learn how to construct a video and start compiling the research for my video presentation onto Youtube. This will follow the formation and direction of the storyboard. The storyboard will follow the guidelines of an effective and captivating presentation. Practice voice over and edit dialogue where necessary be sure that it follows a ‘campaign’ like structure.

WEEK 9: Final edit on research formatted for the video presentation so that it follows the dialogue. Start on voice over for the video. I am not a confident speaker so during this stage of my project I will look into examples of what good public speakers would sound like. At this stage I hope to develop a skill in strong verbal communication. Read aloud dialogue and apply as voice over, follow guidelines for an effective and captivating presentation/campaign.

WEEK 10: Apply final voice over to video presentation follow guidelines and techniques given by professional public speakers. Follow presentation guidelines and techniques. Develop media skills on editing a video ie voice over and visuals match up, music is edited in timely manner, visual and still images pan out of the frame nicely to a high standard.

WEEK 11: Final editing process for voice over and video. Checklist on audio and video presentation – using guidelines – does it meet the requirements. My final video presentation should be at least 9 minutes. Conduct final draft for referencing post – be sure to carefully cite and reference all sources used in the video.

WEEK 12: Final editing for video presentation. By then the private video presentation would be ready to post onto social media sties such as Youtube, Google+ and Facebook, before the end of week 12.


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