Brief 2 Proposal

I am an AUT student studying towards a conjoint degree in International Business and International Studies. I am currently in my third year and hope to build a career in the field of Humanitarian work. I would like to develop strong research and writing skill’s in the area of campaign’s, advocacy and communicating humanitarian issues. During the next 8 week’s I will construct an 8-10 minute presentation focusing on a particular humanitarian issue, that being the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Zaatari Refugee Camp where many of the displaced have been temporarily settled. This video presentation will help me develop the ability and skill to campaign for a humanitarian issue in the digitalized world of social media. I hope to captivate my audience with my message and by using creative methods with my video presentation.

Over the course of my study I intend to use YouTube in order to construct my presentation, and in doing so, I will garner the skills required to form and edit my video presentation. I also intend on conducting extensive research utilizing AUT’s Library Databases for collecting journal articles and statistics from organizations such as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Red Cross, and Amnesty International. In doing so I hope to develop and improve my research skills. Creating a presentation using YouTube will require the construction of dialogue used for my narration in the video, this will require me to construct a storyboard which I hope to learn during the process and improve my writing skills.  A skill which I hope to improve significantly is my ability to carefully reference my sources and reflect on the information gathered, so that my project does not become a collection of “cut and paste” material for the next 8 weeks.

At the end of the 8 weeks I intend to present my private video presentation using social media sites such as YouTube, Google+ and Facebook. This will demonstrate my knowledge of social media sphere and language used to garner public attention.



2 thoughts on “Brief 2 Proposal

  1. Fantastic read Rose! I use youtube habitually everyday and am happy to hear you will be conducting your project via youtube! Humanitarian issues are abundant and I think what you will find will be an interesting read but also at times may be tough to digest. I know within employment relations we still come across human right breaches regarding blatant ignorance towards religions, practices and the basic of human rights. I will be looking forward to keeping an eye on your project and seeing how this all turns out! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Rose, I found the proposal for your project really interesting as the idea behind it is to essentially help people in need. I liked how you decided to use youtube to present your work as it makes it interesting to see, and the way you planned on how to go about achieving this. Well done!

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