Campaign Video – Narration

WEEK 9: Final edit on research formatted for the video presentation so that it follows the dialogue. Start on voice over for the video. I am not a confident speaker so during this stage of my project I will look into examples of what good public speakers would sound like. At this stage I hope to develop a skill in strong verbal communication. Read aloud dialogue and apply as voice over, follow guidelines for an effective and captivating presentation/campaign.

At this stage I’m slowly compiling my work I’ve done for my project outside WordPress into my e-portfolio. I’ll need to post the links to my research and YouTube video, which for at this stage will have my voice over to the narration. I’m starting to get nervous as it requires a bit of research into the 3rd part of my project, developing presentation skills. So far Iv’e managed to come up with a dialogue that follows the format of my storyboard, my only concern is that I won’t be able to cover enough visuals throughout my video presentation. The narrative itself fits the time frame which I aimed for, 9 minutes plus, I just need to add extra visuals and video’s to accompany my narration.

Narrative for video presentation



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