Youtube Video

WEEK 7: Third and final week for research and storyboard formation. Construct a storyboard and dialogue which would last at least 10 minutes. Reference correctly all sources used, using APA 6th Edition. Develop the skill to think creatively with strong writing skills for a narration and learn how to write a story board that would captivate an audience. Start on the construction of the video presentation using YouTube.

Research and Video finally coming together. I’ve decided to use Windows Media as the tool that will compose all the components for my video. This was used previously for a project in iCommunicate. At the moment the process is focused on applying the work I’ve done for the last 3 weeks onto a platform that will display what I have done so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress i have made, the only problem is I need to tweak the narration so that it follows through with the storyboard and video’s from the NGO YouTube channels. In terms of research I am struggling trying to find the correct format for the APA 6th Edition reference. I have made sure to keep track of the links and pages my research derives from, only problem now is trying to compose a reference list with the correct references, as this is the crux of my project that determines whether or not it was a “cut & paste” video, or one that I thought out meticulously. This involved academic research, construction of a ‘report’ which acts as the narrative, and the construction of a storyboard – the first step into constructing a video. I’m quite cautious with moving forward only because I want to be sure that the resources I have gathered, have been properly recognized and referenced. 



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