Brief 2 Reflection Journals

First Journal Reflection:

During this process of my project I’ve focused on gathering the research needed to construct the video. The information that was gathered then needed to come from various sources which made the editing process quite challenging for me, only because there was so much detail in the content that I gathered. Throughout the week I found the workload easy as it only required research from NGO’s covering the issue on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. What I didn’t realize was that during the next 2 weeks of the research process I’ll be finding it difficult to skim through the vast amounts of research I gathered. I think I got a bit carried away with gathering of any and/or every information, I could get that covered my topic.

One major challenge I’ve found tedious is the amount of readings I’m going through, so that I can apply the relevant information to parts of my video, which practically tells a story of the events that have unfolded in the past 4 years with the Syrian crisis. The amount of information I’ve gathered makes the editing process a lot more harder, I’m not sure what parts to leave out, and in doing so – would it leave out certain messages that should be in my campaign video. I feel that this part of my research process is important, as it could either take away the purpose of the campaign, awareness on the Syrian Refugee Crisis by boring my audience.

I found it difficult trying to apply a story board to the narrative that was constructed, only because this step in the process was quite repetitive, in terms of visualizing my research. I felt as though the story board was a visual abstract of what the video format would look like, so at times I questioned the need to have a story board. However, I’ve actually found this part really; really helpful because going through my notes was starting to confuse how I visualised my campaign video. At first it was easier to read through the dialogue, but when it came closer to constructing the video realised I needed to match the information I would be reading out (narration) to the length in time, of the visuals (images, stats, video) that would be projected on screen.

Potential issues I feel I might face in the future would me time management, only because I have focused the first 3 weeks to researching into the Syrian Refugee Crisis, I think the next few weeks need to be dedicated to constructing an actual video, which is my weakness.

I found the benchmark for my project (video) which comes from the UNHCR, Amnesty International, Red Cross International and Red Cross Syria YouTube channels. Throughout the next up and coming stages I hope to post videos that would compare the quality and effectiveness of the research into my Syrian Refugee Crisis, to what is being used from major humanitarian organisations covering this topic.


Second Journal Reflection:

The first week back from break marked a difficult start to the project, not only was I approaching my portfolio in the wrong manner, I realized that my approach to the work I constructed for the past 3 weeks, was actually setting me back in terms of the expected criteria. The conducted research from the previous 3 weeks was only accessed via Google drive and my posts on WordPress continued to be in draft mode. This meant there was actually a lot more work going on in Google drive, rather than the actual forum (WordPress) my project was based on. My approach also meant I was starting to lose my familiarity with posting work on WordPress as well. I thought I would leave my posts in draft mode and publish later, which I thought was an easier process for me, nope! I was completely wrong. My first week back from break and I realized ‘the shit had hit the fan!’

The first week back from break, I started to edit my posts and the pages that would make my portfolio easily readable and visually captivating. I found this part to be the most difficult, because I realized the theme of my page wasn’t as appealing as I hope it would look like – back to square one! This was a major setback for me as it meant I would be deterring from the work I felt would be the most difficult for me, constructing a video and posting on YouTube. Again I thought that working on Windows movie maker would be far easier as it meant that I could post the bulk of my video towards the end of the process. However I realized I was missing a crucial part of this experience, which was the collaboration with my peers, I needed this the most. I actually realized in order to receive constructed feedback I could be posting snippets of my video onto WordPress, which would demonstrate the progress on my Campaign Video. Again, I needed to post anything onto WordPress, as it didn’t help having the introduction of my video in my YouTube channel and not in my WordPress portfolio.

Moving on from those major issues I was dealing with my approach to my project, I found the next stage a tad bit easier with the help of my research. During the construction of my video I felt it far easier to stick with the storyboard as it served as a timeline. Particular parts of my video were easier to construct such as the introduction to the Syrian Refugee Crisis as it was a broad section of the video. The only problem during week 8 was it felt like I wasn’t making any progress at all, only because I was putting more effort into my video and not on the layout and posts in my portfolio. I’m not sure which forum to concentrate on at the moment as it feels as if I’m slowly making any development on gathering momentum with my project.

On the upside, I’ve actually enjoyed my work on constructing the video. It now feels as if everything is slowly coming into fruition in terms of applying my research to the particular parts of the video, so far it has only been the introduction and the background on Syria, so two parts. The next section will now focus on Zaatari Refugee Camp and the issues that Syrian’s are facing. Dividing the section on issues would be difficult as this is where the bulk of my research is based on, and where the focus of the campaign is aimed at. I’ve also found a new way to post my progress of my video, which would be a direct link to my YouTube channel and the files in my Google drive that demonstrate what part of the storyboard and narrative I have tackled or am tackling at the moment.

All in all I’m getting mixed feelings on my work in progress for week 9. It feels as if I’ve made some major developments with my video, on the downside I now need to post it onto WordPress, which makes me feel slightly hesitant as it would finally uncover my work I’ve been doing. I now for a fact that this exposure will help me receive the feedback I need, I only feel a tad hesitant with having to do things again. I’m receiving from the videos I’ve used as a benchmark for my project. The differences are the length’s in time, I realize that most of the video’s are short and concise, small snippets on particular issues. My campaign video on the other hand is like a mini documentary, which serve the purpose of campaigning for awareness on my topic, I’m just not sure if this is what I initially set out for. That is constructing a mini documentary.  It touches on a broad range of facts.

Okay, first things first, I’ll post my links to my storyboard and narrative from Google drive, then add a link to my YouTube page and post the video of my campaign demonstrating the progress at this point. It all sounds very easy when I lay it out like this, but heading into the project I didn’t realize there would be more work going on in the background then there would be in WordPress. I guess I’m slowly starting to get used to this ping pong game of going back and forward. I’ve also found another peer who is doing similar work in the field of campaigning, posting feedback onto his page and collaborating would work wonders for me. Here’s hoping that the next three weeks will be smooth sailing for me.




One thought on “Brief 2 Reflection Journals

  1. Hi, Rose 🙂

    By reading your second Journal Reflection, I am not the only one who realized the importance of collaboration with classmates such as keep posting our up-to-date work on i Reflect community (Google+) and commenting on others’ work as well. I should have done these in the past. It is quite demanding to post my latest post on our community but I think it is worth doing it as you said. Anyway, I look forward to seeing your final work, Rose!

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