Third Reflection Journal

Updates on my progress with my video presentation. This week my focus was on completing the final stages of my video construction. With the advice given from Karen’s email I posted the links to my work I had been doing outside WordPress. What I found easy was to focus on the work I had been doing on Google drive and windows movie maker. I think what could have made my job easier would have been to post the parts of my video I had completed thus far onto YouTube, then post the link onto WordPress, so that others could monitor my progress. What I realized was that I didn’t choose to use YouTube, instead I chose to use Windows Movie Maker as my video processor, over the weeks I gradually started to find my way around this software. I feel as if these few weeks had been the most productive for me in terms of work that has been completed and posted online. My only concern is that I won’t have enough material to cover the visuals for my video, as the majority of research conducted was based on reports and fact sheets. Looking back I think I should have taken into thought the images and video segments that would go into the video, rather then stress on the narration, which took up the majority of my time.

Final Campaign Video

I feel as if my video might be lacking parts that focus on the issues occurring in Zaatari Refugee Camp. Rather it covers a lot on the camp itself, the people displaced, reasons behind the Syrian crisis and the international response of non-governmental organisations or agencies. During the editing process I realized the research which covered Zaatari’s background didn’t quite touch on the problems that refugee’s were facing in the camp, the focus of the reports were on the demographics and general population of the camp. I think this made me realize that there was hardly any reports from NGO’s which highlighted the problems that refugee’s face in Zaatari. Most sources that did cover this topic on poor living conditions and issues in the camp were news agencies. I managed to find stories from refugees which covered their take on life in the camp, but this would only serve well as a cited report on someone’s story. I preferred top have covered this segment on poor living conditions and issues in the Zaatari camp by applying a video from the news agencies that reported their story. This allowed for a smooth break in my video presentation that gave a different perspective on the Syrian crisis.

I think the editing process allowed me to take out certain parts which focused extensively on stating facts from the fact sheets as it would have bored the viewer. I realized what would help in terms of keeping the audience captivated, would be to show a 2 minute segment on ‘A day in Zaatari’, this actually shows firsthand the ordeals that refugees go through in Zaatari. It made for a good break from my narration and showed a realistic point of view. The only segment which I didn’t do much editing was on the beginning of my video presentation, as it is within the introduction, that I feel the foundation of understanding the Syrian crisis lies. Part 2 on the Syrian crisis would be the stories or segments on Zaatari Refugee camp.

For the next week my focus will be on posting up the final edited video onto Social Media sites. Hopefully there will be no issues with the compressed video format.




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