Campaign Video

WEEK 11: Final editing process for voice over and video. Checklist on audio and video presentation – using guidelines – does it meet the requirements. My final video presentation should be at least 9 minutes. Conduct final draft for referencing post – be sure to carefully cite and reference all sources used in the video.

I noticed throughout the editing process that the majority of my narration covered a lot on the dynamics of Zaatari Refugee Camp, it didn’t however touch on in depth the issues that have been occurring within the camp. The purpose of the video campaign is to highlight the Syrian crisis with the backdrop of events that refugees face in Zaatari. What I ended up with was a significant amount on the Syrian conflict (which was my intention) and Zaatari dynamics and demographics.  My research lacked areas that made aware the problems or issues that Syrians face in the Zaatari camp. Here’s the video which contains the all scenes that have bee selected for the final cut, note that the final campaign video which will be posted on social media sites will not contain these edited scenes.

Final Draft 

Video includes section on sexual abuse in Za’atari Refugee Camp. Audio and background music to be included in the final edit.

Voice Over segments

Each file represents the voice over for the sections in the Campaign Video


Background Music for Campaign Video


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