Campaign Video – Construction

WEEK 8: Construct a video on YouTube. This is my first time making a video on YouTube, so during this process I will learn how to construct a video and start compiling the research for my video presentation onto Youtube. This will follow the formation and direction of the storyboard. The storyboard will follow the guidelines of an effective and captivating presentation. Practice voice over and edit dialogue where necessary be sure that it follows a ‘campaign’ like structure.

The first step for this process will be to find a video editing program so that I can upload the video’s and slides into one compact video. I’ve come across Windows Media which I have used before on a iCommunictions project. This would hopefully allow for a smooth transition with the editing process i.e adding the still shots, video’s and slides, so that the final video includes all these elements. I’m currently finding the storyboard very useful as a timeline with my progress. Here’s are the links to my video in progress.


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