First Journal Reflection

First Journal Reflection: During this process of my project I’ve focused on gathering the research needed to construct the video. The information that was gathered then needed to come from various sources which made the editing process quite challenging for me, only because there was so much detail in the content that I gathered. I found it difficult trying to apply a story board to the narrative that was constructed, only because this step in the process was quite repetitive, in term of visualizing my research. I felt as though the story board was a visual abstract of what the video format would look like, so at times I questioned the need to have a story board. Potential issues I feel I might face in the future would me time management, only because I have focused the first 3 weeks to researching into the Syrian Refugee Crisis, I think the next few weeks need to be dedicated to constructing an actual video, which is my weakness. I found the benchmark for my project (video) which comes from the UNHCR, Amnesty International, Red Cross International and Red Cross Syria YouTube channels. Throughout the next coming stage I hope to post videos that would compare the quality and effectiveness of the research into my Syrian Refugee Crisis, to what is being used from major humanitarian organisations covering this topic.


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